Telegram – Push Notification System Used By TBI
September 21, 2018
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September 16, 2019

Telegram – Push Notification System Used By TBI

If you’re at TBI for longer than 30 seconds you’ll probably hear about an app that flies all over this place. It’s called Telegram, and while it’s a solid messaging app, it’s also used by The Source to keep us safe and up to speed with the latest info.

After you download the app, simply go to this link to find the TBI Students Channel. This channel is a one-way form of communication that will inform you about things that The Source broadcasts from time to time. We promise to not crush your phones with pointless alerts or Candy Crush invitations, and we believe it will truly help you know what’s going on around campus, and throughout TBI.

Telegram Topics:
– Messages from our TBI Leadership Team
– Immediate Instructions – Spirt-Led instructions by the Active Team to keep us safe and the campus orderly.
– Weather Delays – Notifications of when a campus goes into an Active Weather Delay. Students should stay inside while a delay is active.

If you have any issues at all getting connected to the official notification system used by TBI, just ask a Joshua Coalition student nearby. They are well-versed in all things Telegram and are excited to help you.