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MAPS for TBI Orientation

TBI 2014 - Discipleship Program Information Packet

This Week At TBI

8:30am Breakfast | All Students in Attendance

9:00am Kickoff | All Students in Attendance

9:30am Foundations | Peter Burchfield | ABH

10:00am Classes begin | FFL1 & FFL2

12:00pm Lunch | SDH

1:00pm Classes Continue | FFL1 & FFL2

2:30pm TBI Handbook Q&A Session | ABH

5:30pm Dinner | SDH

6:00pm Music Department Band and Vocal Auditions | ABH | Optional

10:00pm All students back in dorms

8:30am Breakfast | SDH

9:00am Classes Begin | FFL 1 & FFL 2

12:00pm Lunch | SDH

4:30pm Dinner for BWOC Set-up Crew | SDH

5:00pm Dinner | SDH

5:30pm Depart for Believers World Outreach Church | Dress Code A

6:30pm Arrive at Believers World Outreach Church

7:00pm Believers World Outreach Church | Katy

11:00pm All students back in dorms

10:30am Brunch | SDH

11:00am Classes Begin

3:00pm AO1 Team Auditions & Interviews

5:30pm Dinner | SDH

8:00pm Practicum | Embassy Workspace

9:00pm Platform |All Students in Attendance| | ABH

10:00pm All Students back in Dorms

8:30am Breakfast | SDH

9:00am Classes Begin

12:00pm Lunch | SDH

6:30pm Welcome Weekend Festivities Begin |All Students In Attendance| | ABH

11:00pm All Students Back In Dorms

10:30am Brunch | SDH

11:00am Welcome Weekend Festivities Continue

5:00pm Welcome Weekend Festivities Conclude

5:30pm Dinner | SDH

10:00pm All Students Back in Dorms

* All schedules are subject to change.

BOLD events are mandatory for all students.

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